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November 15, 2017


Chris Yeh

Today, on my flight from Denver to San Jose, the pilot was a woman.

But I didn't break into dance, since I think that gets you on a government watch list somewhere.

On the plus side, since the last episode of Home Improvement aired in 1999, young people don't even know that the voice of Buzz Lightyear ever had a TV show.

What are you going to do for your 50th birthday party?

Tim Taylor

OMG that is SOOO awesome dude!!!

My best hope on Home Improvement is somehow Tim Allen goes all in on his conservative viewpoints and his show disappears.

The big question is what are YOU going to do? Sadly, you will have to add one item to the "things Chris Yeh will come to SF for" because I'm going all out with a party in SF and you are invited, even if I have to come get you and your lovely wife myself you two are coming!!

Chris Yeh

I will have to amend my long-time opposition to SF. I will now be willing to travel to San Francisco for weddings, funerals, business, and Tim Taylor's 50th birthday party.

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