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October 09, 2017



Great post, Tim. I've been watching and am deeply affected - while learning so much. I have/had relatives who went and some who were objectors. Man's inhumanity to man breaks my heart.

Tim Taylor

So true on the inhumanity to one another. It's like it's shown so many times in this that it's hard to keep track of it all.

Your comment makes me realize that there wasn't much of a counter balance in the context of the documentary and maybe there just wasn't enough of it to show....

Chris Yeh

Read it all the way through! It is interesting to see how Vietnam shaped our thinking through 1991; after which the first Iraq War shaped our thinking, until the second Iraq War (and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan) shaped our thinking. I hope that someone like Burns is around in 2040 to do a similar documentary on the times we've lived through.

Tim Taylor

I had a feeling you would be one of the few, the proud that did.

Interestingly as I was watching and between sessions I was thinking the same thing about how someone would document what is happening right now. Like with distance would it be more collectively clear what is happening.

The trick is we don't have the outcome yet.

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