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July 15, 2010



It's going to be tough to find a woman who deserves you. You're pretty awesome.

Tim Taylor

Thanks Jen, you are awesome!!!

Chris Yeh

Opening up to a woman doesn't have to be a Big Bang event. Just decide that you're willing to be open, and let the process happen gradually.

As Jen said, hopefully you find a woman who deserves you.

Tim Taylor

I think it's even tough to take the first step off of the pier onto the boat, because each wave that moves me forward, I'm further from safety.


Sometimes you just have to let yourself fall and take the risk of getting hurt again. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will!

Closeness and intimacy in a relationship are too important to miss out on in life.

There is never just one right person out there. There are many right ones for you, they just come along at different times.

Looking back at my own relationships I know that I've said many times "he's The One" and they all were The Ones! But you change and so does your relationship and it runs its course. I like to think that "The One" I'm with now is my last One.

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