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December 04, 2009


Chris Mercer

Try going to mass a bit more often and see what your perspective on the various individuals you see and the overall "system" might be. Is it fair to go to church once in 15 years and make a comment, one way or the other way or the other? What was the sermon about? What were the readings? What was the music? How did any of this resonate with you? How about the others? And, in the final analysis, after going to mass once in apparently 15 years, are you happier? And I'm not even Catholic, but am a member of the catholic communion. And I went to church last Sunday and the Sunday before. And, regardless of what an observer who may have been looking at me after a 15 year absence, I'm happy and grateful in so many respects. It is hard to be a casual or occasional observer and have any real perspective on what's going on at church -- or at a company.

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