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December 14, 2008


Chris Yeh


There are some things I wish I could unsee.

Chris Yeh


There are some things I wish I could unsee.


Ok so maybe it's weird but I sorta kinda like UFC now too. It's so ungirly of me but there it is. I like Griffin... somebody. He's a large man that can take a punch and another and another.


Maybe that'll help you be a little less anxious.

Shelly Beckham

Oh my god! I was able to watch that match live, and what I saw can't be unseen. Corey's leg became like rubber, and boy was I shocked! But, after his one year of absence, I am happy to see him again in UFC with a win. In our neighborhood in Memphis, MMA is really popular. In fact, I see teens around comparing their favorite fighters and playing pretend with their moves. There were times when they had to be rushed to the dentists due to some of their teeth getting knocked off.

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