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July 22, 2008


Jackie Danicki

Racism will never truly disappear, because innate in human beings is a resistance to or dislike of that which is unlike ourselves. Of course there are varying degrees of this - from your David Dukes on down to the more subversive racism of which you often speak - but it is part of the human condition. The idea is not to fight against human nature but to understand it, show people where it comes from and help them to get interested in where it comes from and why.

Jackie Danicki

PS I do not mean to suggest from my last post that we should not fight against racism (or any other harmful part of human nature), but that HOW we do that must first include understanding and interest in where it comes from.


Can't I stay who I am? ;-)

But joke aside, I'd rather be rich and Jewish or rich and gay than rich and black. My friend Nick is black and he says apart from open racism there is nothing worse than people who make racist jokes and then turn around and say "me? racist? but my friend is black!". He says he's sick to be the token black man for some people he knows. I agree with what Jackie says, I doubt it will ever fully disappear.

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