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May 11, 2007



That when I ask where something is or how to get somewhere, I want to be instructed to turn left or right, or be told exactly what road something is on - NOT be told to head southwest and then go northeast at the second light...etc. Maddening!


You can't generalise these things. See, I am a football fan and I very well know how to watch a football match "properly": in the pub with a pint in front of me, eyes glued to the TV but ears open in all directions in order not to miss any insult from other fans and of course, you have to know the offside rule!!! You also have to know proper swear words and all the songs of your team in order to scream down anyone who dares saying a word against your team!;-)

Now, you say we women don't understand on how to get men to comfortably talk about their feelings... why don't you tell us then how to?

Again, I don't think you can generalise there. It all depends on the man's age, on his upbringing (was he encouraged to show feelings? Brought up by loving parents? Or by a single mother? Or by a lesbian couple?), on his mood, on how he is asked and of course what the relation is the man has with the woman.

You know, it's ok to show feelings, we women don't always expect men to be these fearless, strong and powerful creatures who can solve any problem in the world. We know that's not true and I think men would gain a lot if they showed their "feminine" meaning emotional (I know, I know, I am not happy with this kind of synonym!) side a bit more often.

Tim Taylor


I'm actually not sure how you can successfully do it, but I do have some insight into a few ways not to do it....

Maybe I'll post a blog on it...



I am intrigued ;-)

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