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May 01, 2007



The thing that has always facinated me and yet made me a little sad about males is their responsibility in life. Sure chivalry is dead and gone in my book, but there are still the unwritten rules that will remain. 1) to protect and provide for his family. I heard a 3 disk sermon series once on marriage on it blew my mind. The pastor stated that husbands are to put their wife or children's lives before their own but seldom in life will a man be called to kill another to protect his family, so he does other things like bust his hump each day to support them etc. 2) men will still be expected to ask women out first on dates and pay for the meal (thats a biggie!) I dont care what women say, there is something romantic about the man paying for dinner and not breaking out a calculator to divide the check 3) and men will always, and I mean always be expected to propose marriage. In the day and age of women's lib, we have fought for equality but maybe didn't weigh all the "niceties" we would be giving up in the process. There are some men out there that are more than OK with allowing the woman to pay for half of her meal, or propose marriage or make the first move, but as a women in my early 30's I still appreciate and admire a man that will open a door for me, refrain from cursing like a sailor, and lead me into a room by the small of my back. Those men are rare today and should be considered gems. It must be so confusing to have two distinct methods of coutship and unsure of which to proceed with. For all the reasons and many more I admire you men.


I am with you on that Mandy, I love it when men have manners. Oldfashioned manners you might call them nowadays ;-)
But is this the most admirable quality of the opposite sex?
I don't know. I am quite glad that I am a woman and not a man. Right now I can't think of any qualities in a man that I can't find in a woman. Mind you, there is one but I don't think this is what Tim is looking for: I admire that men can pee standing up. I know I can pee standing up too but I'd have to be half naked and men, they can just go behind a tree and swoosh, out it is and the relief is instant.
I don't think I can generalise this question... I admire different qualities in different men. I have a male friend who I go to when I need cheering up, he always makes me laugh. I have another male friend who I go to when I know I've done something wrong and need to be told off. Or my head put right, that's probably better said.
Very good question, Tim!

Tim Taylor


I am so grateful that both of you posted comments, a veritable gold mine of advice/perspective for me (even the peeing standing up!!).

I love the fact that you both cherish chivalry. I try to do the little things but I do forget from time to time.

Being new (again) to the singles scene I think it's heartwarming to know that the things I do (buying flowers from time to time, opening a door, etc.) are appreciated by most women.

I suppose there is an overall element of confidence inside of the actions.

You both are adorable, thank you!



Some of my best friends are men......

Seriously, one of the things I like the most about men is their maleness -- they are so different from what I am as a woman it's just amazing. I like the way guys can talk to each other, really relax and kid around. I can do that with only a couple of my best girlfriends. I also admire the ways guys can just be with each other, watching a football game or something and not getting totally offended when somebody does something like belch. It seems with my girlfriends, we always get together we have to be doing something with a purpose (like eat lunch or shop or something like that. And it always seems when we have in depth talks we always talk about our relationships or men in our lives. Why can't we just get together and oogle the guys around us like men do to women?


Tim, if you want to impress a woman then do all those little things. It will be positively noted!
To jl, just have a girls night in with a couple of dvds, some drinks and a take-away, you'll be amazed what you might talk about that evening ;-)

Tim Taylor


I love the oogle comment, beautiful! I would ask how you figured us out, but in the end, there really isn't much to us.

Now that you mention it, it is nice to hang out with the fellas and just chill, which I suppose is rarely the case with women.

I do know that in spite of that we miss quite a bit of the beauty of life.


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