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August 12, 2006


Ben Casnocha

While I don't believe a "soul" technically exists, I still believe you can "feed your soul" and that soul exists as one of the four components to our overall energy level (physical, emotional, and mental being the other three). "Soul" is a nice shorthand to refer to spirituality, life outlook, general happiness, etc. But yes, I do not believe a soul exists independent of our mind (as many people who believe in afterlife assert). It is an intellectual construction.

Tim Taylor

An additional, good point on feeding it yet not believing its intellectual construct holds water. I can see that point of view.

C. D. Tobola

Many Christians don't believe in the concept of the soul.

It's certainly the view of the Roman Catholic denomination, but many Christian and biblical scholars (including many Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists) would argue that when a person dies, he/she ceases to be.

It is in the resurrection that we have hope -- not because it reunites flesh with a ghost (which has been off somewhere waiting), but because it represents that God loves us so much He recreates us in new form, even though we were totally "gone."

To quote Frederick Buecher, "Man does not HAVE a body, man IS a body."

Excelsior! -Cloy

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