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July 21, 2006



I am an Atheist and am told by most everyone who meets me that I'm the kindest, nicest, most balanced person they could hope to meet. I thought for myself, I came up with values that are stonger and more positive than most religious people I know. AND I put them into action, not because I try, but because those thoughts and values are a core part of me... I thought for myself.

You will find a world without Religion is a very pleasant, positive, inspiring place indeed.

Selfish to think that the other half of the world is following the wrong God... you want to convert them all... so they all think the same as you! HA... fear is a scary thing... do not fear others and you will be free from the rot of organised religion.

Time for Humanity to Grow up. I dare to question my parents... can you!???

Tim Taylor

All great points Tigger. The bottom line is do I have it within me to question my parents compassionately?

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I won't accept such sort of family though it is quite comfortable. I prefer the family with mom which is not rich but ample in my heart

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God loves all of you.

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