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June 08, 2006


Ben Casnocha

Excellent point Tim. The before and after approach, coupled with story telling, is killer. I'm doing something similar to all this which i'll tell you about offline sometime. In short: I'm tired of seeing PPT's that have text and not images, and i'm giong to do something about it!

Tim Taylor


Thank you for the comment. I would love to talk to you about it and share any of my examples that might help.


Chris Yeh


I need this product! What is it called?

I am always amazed by the lack of storytelling I see in VC pitches...a pitch is a story, not a magical incantation that relies on using the "right words" to induce a positive response.

Tim Taylor


Thank you for your comment.

You're on the money that the pitch is not about getting a positive response. I think the goal should be a fair and relevant understanding of the company for investors.

As for the's compassion. In fact, maybe that would be a great actual name for a product that addresses this.

It requires the entrepreneur to slide into the other person's frame of reference.

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