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April 03, 2006


Naomi the Strange

You've got that right... there is a LOT out there on the 'net...


Might I just say....true dat?

Ben Casnocha

The bar to start a new company or service is so low that we're seeing a new burst of innovation on the web. was founded by a guy with a day job. Even if many of these companies fail in the long run, I think it's a healthy thing to see all this innovation and experimentation.

Your comment about targeting the "average" user is interesting. I suppose there are *some* companies whose mission in life is to sign up the novice/late adopter (AOL?) but usually the average, older user waits until the stuff on the cutting edge gets dumbed down, gets cheaper, gets easier to use. They're willing to wait.


You're right, fyi, on the AOL analogy (and they made an AWFUL lot of money doing it that way). What I would prefer not to see is the day job guy inventing delicious and then someone just taking it and making money like the AOL's.

It just seems that the developers, somehow should be organizing themselves. Ultimately, I suppose all their innovation is just going to be copied and I suppose they are cool with that.

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