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March 28, 2006


Ben Casnocha

I totally dig and admire this. But I also don't think everything is equal. Some ideas are better than others. Some knowledge is more important than others. Some people, I would argue, are better people than others. There are times when being judgmental is important. Unfortunately, people are judgmental about the pettiest of things usually.


Thanks Ben. The quality and importance of ideas, knowledge, actions, words, thoughts, etc. seem to be a matter of frame of reference.

And, that's where division begins that will ultimately lead to conflict.

I think about 9/11 and consider that while one person in America sees it as a terrible idea based on faulty knowledge done by an evil person.

The people hijacking the planes thought the idea was awesome (both in intent and execution) based on divine knowledge carried out by a hero.

I guess energy of any act, thought, word, etc. is neutral. I can choose whether or not I want to make it mean something.

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