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In my life, every moment is extraordinary. I have a single mission: To bring more love into the world.

My background includes working for big companies for about 10 years (KPMG & Schwab). I have an MBA from Wharton and am a CPA. I consult with start-ups, helping them present to investors, write business plans, implement strategies among other services. My website is

I have a beautiful daughter named Zoe. She is, quite literally, my muse. I have 11 published compilations of poetry. I also am writing two books.

One book called Y? is basically a modernized version of Siddhartha.

The other book is called "I am racist" which is a compassionate self-analysis of how the 1964 Civil Rights Act has manifested itself in my life.

I would be foolish if I didn't come right out and say that the reason I even have a blog is Ben Casnocha.

Another example of someone who is magnificent in my life. And another reason why I am certain that every moment is extraordinary.


spirituality, civil rights, honesty, family, dancing, hip hop music, people